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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unnecessary Shoe Covers

Wellity, wellity, The Blog hopped on Jacques Lobster for the first group ride since the great knee-hole incident of 2010. Although the legs felt horrible and rubbery and the lungs were full of fluid after 20 minutes, it was nice to get out on a good-natured jaunt around Fort Jackson. More importantly, it was nice to break out the shoe covers to celebrate the return to the saddle. Yes they are hideous. Yes they are WHITE. Yes it was muddy!

Teenwolf astride his 75 dollar Fuji cross bike. He is proud of it. Are you?
Lots of standing water to navigate. What ancient civilizations lie within the briny deep?
Will (re-buyer), with arms crossed throws a mini-tantrum!
Good ole fashion clay with some sand and water thrown in for good measure.
On the way home, Joshie (grizzly bear) refuses to speak another word for the duration of the ride.
The aforementioned shoe covers in all their glory!
About 6 months behind schedule, The Blog decided to finally treat the Lobster frame with JP Weigle Frame Saver (LUBE5000). Jiminy crickets! Remember to grease your alloy post when inserting it into a steel frame or it'll be quite a spectacle when it's time to pull it out! Look at that nasty mixture of water, rust, mud and the surface of Jupiter.

Jupiter, the planet voted least likely to loan Earth money. Stupid tightwad gas giant!


Magnum said...

Damn you Jupiter, and your rustiness.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout them Gamecocks!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...


Spankye said...

how much was will's fuji? super hot.