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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FINALLY, all the pieces are in place

Same ole Niner?
Coworker Joshie is a perfectionist and to be honest, a bit anal retentive (his anus retains things to put it medically). Homeboy has his pens arranged at his desk by corresponding circumference and heft, lightest to heaviest in addition to constructing a custom holder for his scissors. It took him nine years. With two different assistants. Who committed suicide during the scissor storage construction. Anyhoo, Josh's Niner was technically finished several days ago, but it was still missing the critical Thomson components: stem, seatpost and seatpost collar. Well, with all three parts in stock and installed correctly, Josh can bring his bike into work without fear of Nelson Muntz-styled "ha ha"-ing and finger pointing. Behold! A scandium hardtail 29er that weighs 24.11 pounds, which really drove Joshie crazy this morning as he tried to figure out what he could replace for gram savings...

Red Minoura Duracages (WBTC1415) match the other bits of red perfectly. Kinda heavy though
This is a QUALITY stem...
The new post, flecked in mud and some anal retention...
Behold the new hotness for 2010! She is a bonny lass!
The posterior shot. Machined to perfection!
Ubiquitous Hoffenchard pink housing. Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman
Joshie's new bike dwarfs El Presidente's Storck, in size and aesthetics. That's all right Steve, I'll show myself to the door!


Magnum said...

Make it lighter? Drop the granny ring... trim the handlebar, drop the Mioura cages, and go carbon Nokons!

joshie said...

No! I'm a big fat kid. I need that granny ring!!

dwight yoakam said...

looks sweet there joshie! i know it rides well . . . maybe a lot different than your heavy 26" full-squish, but wait until your first lap around pisgah hauling ten less lbs of bike around and rollin' big hoops.

as for lighter - you could have always gone with a rigid one9 !