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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Brief Reminder....

The always exciting Winter Short Track series gets under way this weekend. With the frigid air leaving the area and a fat, bloated pocket of wet-nasty moving in to take its place, the racing conditions at Renni Park should be treacherous! The potential of meeting local blog celebs could be even MORE trecherous-er. Billy? Dicky? Arleigh? The Divas? Will The G (purchasing) will be making his maiden voyage on George's Ridley Cobra. Let's all wish the young lad well! But what tire will he be running? If it's nasty Will, keep the Nevegals on. If it is somehow dry, no telling. Hate to see you wreck that shiny, new XTR group!

1 comment:

Billy Fehr said...

Hey....we both used the root word treacherous in our B-logs toonday.

wv, get this: ungea