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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Gymkata? Jimmy Carter???

Well folks, you'd think by George's excitement that the new 100ml bottle of Campagnolo grease is the biggest thing to hit the cyclng world since Trik Topz. Well folks, the man is right. Hang on to your knickers grandpa because the future is here and it's in an easy to use bottle. We have approx. ten million of these in stock...

Also, look who The Blog espied at The Whig during the holidays. Former Hawley receiving dynamo Chuck Sligh! Chuck now plies his trade at Portland bicycle parts Distributor, Cyclone. The deal in mostly aero bars, coaster brakes and several thousand pallets of "Gymkata" in VHS.

You see people, back in the mid-80s, there was an amazing movie called "Gymkata" that combined elements of gymnastics (capitalizing on the post-Olympics Mary Lou Retton craze) with ninjutsu (capitalizing on the ongoing Dudikoff craze that followed the first "American Ninja" film). But oh gentle reader, do not be fooled by the slick Hollywood production, coherent script and sensible editing of "American Ninja". "Gymkata" is the far superior film and requires, nay, BEGS your immediate attention...

(Late Edit: Was the title a Reagan-era, Cold War dig at Jimmy Carter's ludicrous Georgia drawl? We may never know)


Big Bikes said...

"The thrill of gymnastics, the kill of Karate!"

The fact that I was young enough to watch that film in the theater without the slightest tinge of irony makes living through the
80's entirely worth it.

Mister Fahrenheit said...

That's not a ninja. If that were a ninja, you wouldn't see him. Also you'd be dead.