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Friday, January 08, 2010

Harbison Trail Work Alert

Couple of quick things people! R. Kefalos of the PCC hipped The Blog to a some Harbison Trail work happening TOMORROW morning at 9 am. The trail work group is meeting in the FRONT parking lot. Bring some hot cocoa to splash on your frostbitten extremities. Not those, you weirdo.

Lexington gadfly, "filthy eccentric" and 2001 24 Hours of Adrenaline runner-up Tobias P. dropped by the office with "the cheddar" from the Ian memorial ride. A nice healthy chunk of money was raised for Hailey Foyster's fund. Toby is doing the ride again in April when the temps are a little more comfortable so start arranging your calendars.Cue sheet for the Ian Ride if you're looking for something to do this weekend. Starting point is at Lexington High School. (N33*58’43.3” W81*18’35.9”) 0.4 mi West of intersection of US1 & Pisgah Church Rd (3rd Left after intersection on Olde Farm Road, 1st Parking lot on left)

0 mi Start
0.01 mi Stop
0.29 mi Turn right at Burma Rd
1.74 mi Turn left at Triangle Rd
5.02 mi Turn right at Southland Rd/State Rd S-32-1102
6.04 mi Turn right at Spring Hill Rd/State Rd S-32-113
6.43 mi Sharp right at Redhaven Rd
6.63 mi Slight left to stay on Redhaven Rd
7.39 mi Turn left at Jumper Leaphart Rd
9.21 mi Turn left to stay on Cactus Rd
9.98 mi Turn right at Hyler Rd View
10.22 mi Turn right at Clay Amick Rd
11.52 mi Turn right at Oren Adams Rd
12.04 mi Turn right at Devils Backbone Rd/State Rd S-32-59
13.6 mi Sharp left at Ridge Rd
14.39 mi Slight right at Jimmie Long Rd
15.48 mi Continue onto US-378 W
17.04 mi Turn right at Lake Village Dr/State Rd S-32-1189
17.26 mi Turn left at Rock N' Creek Rd
19.31 mi Turn right at Nathaniel Oxner Rd
23.3 mi Turn right at Ansel Caughman Rd/State Rd S-32-54
29.1 mi Turn right at Lewie Rd/State Rd S-32-277
29.61 mi Turn right at Harley Taylor Rd
29.73 mi Turn left at Craps-Weeks Rd
30.71 mi Turn right
31.38 mi Turn right at Spring Hill Rd/State Rd S-32-113
33.84 mi Turn right at Long Branch Rd
35.23 mi Turn left at Calks Ferry Rd/State Rd S-32-278
35.68 mi Turn left at Lost Branch Rd
37.55 mi Continue onto Calks Ferry Rd/State Rd S-32-278
38.72 mi Turn right at Burma Rd
39.01 mi Stop

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Billy Fehr said...

I was wondering what I was gonna do this weekend, problem solved!

wv: fryectio