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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: The Year That Followed 2007!

2008 has come and gone here at the Hawley Company. We'd like to take a little time out of our busy nap schedules to thank our wonderful vendors and even more wonderfuller dealers and the wonderfullest patrons of aforementioned dealers who keep the Hawley party train running down the distributor tracks. I just had a flashback to a youthful Don Cornelius wishing an audience love, peace and soul. OK, that's enough of that. So to keep this post from becoming unnecessarily sentimental, here is a profanity-laden diatribe against bike lane debris, specifically glass and rusty nails: [Edit. Edit. Edit.]. The reason for this outburst rests solely on the shoulders of a nail I ran over on my commute home. The nail, who I named Darren, after the Oakland Raiders running back who's career is being purposely sabotaged by Al Green, abruptly entered my rear Panaracer T Serv (the best urabn tire around) after a piece of glass had already flatted my tire 30 yards beforehand. To make a long story short, without an extra tube or air source, I walked back to Hawley, grabbed a sample Maxxis Detonator and rolled home in record time (at 7:00 PM). Surprisingly, this was my first ride on a Maxxis road tire and it did not disappoint! A pleasant and commute saving surprise. Mad props to Sandy. As for Darren, he sleeps with the fishes...

2008 saw Steve Hawley giving Judy the mad props she so richly deserved...... while Eddie mowed a desert in Namibia!
Andy took Storck sales to dizzying heights and office fashion to strange and uncomfortable lows
We welcomed and then bid adieu (as did the rest of the cycling world) to new friends!
2008 saw Dave succumb to his crippling paranoia and wear a "mind reading deflector" at all times.
2008 was also about style appropriation and assimilation...

... while a giant bag of broccoli went uneaten.
Professional road cycling made a comeback...
... as did company volleyball death matches, to the death!
Rich Dillen talked for the entire duration of 2008 while Eric thought "We're sponsoring this guy??? Oh well, Daddy needs his medicine"
Will said "hello" to cyclocross domination (in long pants no less!)...
while Kyle said "goodbye" to his dignity.
BMX-related assaults saw a decline...
while accountant-related mud consumption went up 10 fold.
The old warehouse said "hello" to the new warehouse, which said "I'm from the future. The future has this message for you: You suck!"
We said goodbye to Schwalbe's Hot Pink Stelvios...
...while the office said "goodbye" to Brantley, while Jeff said "hello" to Brantley and consequently "goodbye" to the office's respect.
Britney had the privilege of becoming Karen's friend...
... while Colin and Chris became friends, with privileges.
But through it all, the warehouse expansion stood strong, an immovable beacon of cycling hope amidst a sea of Walmart bikes and Segways. See you in 2009!


Spiritof76 said...

<---Ed mowing the Nambian desert rates high on my most favorite images of 2007. Only Ed would travel 9000 miles from South Carolina to mow a barren and desolate land in which grass does not nor has ever grown.

Miss Jumper said...

This closet smells like CWP. STARKSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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