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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Japanese Can't Construct a Lego Lord of the Rings Diorama To Save Their Lives: Cold Weather Commuter Gear

There are some strange things afoot around the world this holiday season. Very strange things. And as we all know, the epicenter of strangeness is Japan. But what the average non-cycling industry yahoo may consider strange, we who dwell within the cracks and crevices of bicycling sub-cultures consider innovative, creative and unnecessarily robotic (a.k.a. "Short Circuit 2", which indirectly caused the Rwandan genocide of 1994). Please giving visual pleasure for watching this video. Thankfulness with courtesy! (written in the Blog's best "Engrish")

In other important news, the Blog's sister rode into work this morning while the Blog sat at his house, winter riding gear laid out and with a shrug of the shoulders exclaimed "Nuts to this! I'm drivin' in!" What gives with the older sister punking me out? Anyhoo, the Blog's sister has nary a winter riding garment in her closet. So with that introduction, let's begin a shameless parade of quality winter riding gear that no commuter should be without! The cold is deadly and without the proper gear, it will kill you instantly. And yes, the car ride into work this morning was restful as it turns out NPR is now sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security(!)
(pictured from top to bottom and left to right: Craft Winter Knee Warmers, Craft Winter Arm Warmers, Craft Windproof Tactical Assault Mask, Craft Pro Warm Crew Base Layer, the warmest piece of clothing ever invented, Defeet Blaze Wool Socks, Eleven 81 Bootie)

This has nothing to do with cold weather gear but it's still freaking awesome! Look at that Lego Gandalf and Lego Frodo! It's like a book made into a movie come alive! "Hello Frodo! Merry Christmas! Did you borrow my Orc jelly? I'll cut you, you little thieving freak!!!"


Fay said...

Well, my commute is only 1.8 miles so even if it's 19-degrees outside, it's not bad a ride. Although, my lips are a bit chapped today.

Fay said...

And by the way, I love the story on the automated bike parking lot!

Adam said...

I bet a Balrog guards all bicycles parked in that underground lot.

Try to swipe someone else's card, and instead of their bicycle, you are greeted by a 100' monster that eats your soul.

That's how I'd do it, anyway. If I were trying to tie the Lord of the Rings in with Tokyo bike parking.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

OK, thanks for the Balrog knowledge you stinking robot!

spokejunky said...

What they need is the upgrade card. Send your craptastic Pacific K-Mart bike into the depths. Swipey, swipey and voila a shiney new Storck ready for McLuvin'.