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Monday, December 08, 2008

"No Jacket Required"...

Is an infinitely mind-expanding rocker of an album that rips your soul from your worthless body, pounds it flat with a rusty sledge hammer, scrapbooks it with buttons, glue, pipe cleaners and glitter and then mails it to your senile old grandmother with a note attached to it Linksaying "Get Real, Granny! You can't hang with Phil Collins!!!" The bicycle equivalent of one of the greatest artistic triumphs ever, Will G's new/old cross bike, courtesy of the new "full-custom service" garage here at the Hawley Company won't stop rocking you, no matter how much you plead for mercy, like a soft, willowy Andy Hale...

"Take me home..."


"His effortless graft of bright white-R&B bounce to quirky, unexpected melodies is instinctively commercial but never feels overly contrived."
—–David Fricke, Rolling Stone review, 9 May 1985

The said could be said about Will G....

1 comment:

Spankye said...

are calculators on your bars the new black?? seriously, will needs to show up and race like that.