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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Surly, You Can't Be Serious

The office has been jam-packed with Surlys as of late. Jose and Michael brought their respective machines in for a Surly-Off! Brows were furrowed, things were muttered about the other's mother, audible sighs of discontent were exhaled and pens were slammed on desks. In the end, Kyle bested both men and machines as he truly is, the king of the Surlys!!! My alcoholic uncle Bernard was King of the Slurries, but that's for the Blog and its therapist to discuss...

Jose's Karate Monkey. Jose forgot he had this bike in his stable of rides. Silly Jose!
Look at that old school Spot hub! It's jam-packed with bearing goodness!
Newbie Michael's Pugsley intimidates an anorexic Storck. "To inflate tire, stuff with cotton"


spokejunky said...

Good googily moogily, more bounce for the ounce.

MM said...

That bike is an answer to a question never asked...