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Friday, December 19, 2008

We Walk the Straitline

(Santa needs a helmet for Christmas, perhaps an Eleven 81 Pothole at a reasonable price? Eh?)
Friday before Christmas is like...uh... Friday before Christmas! Slim pickins as far as content is concerned! The blog offers its humblest apologies. Its readers have come to expect a hearty five course banquet of cycling tomfoolery, not a wretched barf bag of slop and cat bones. Sadly, the Blog doesn't care today! As these words are typed, a gastrointestinal war is being raged (thank you San Jose restaurant!) that threatens to destroy both creative and regular metabolic processes. Seriously, this situation could escalate into something beyond the friendly confines of the Hawley company. But before the Blog dispatches itself to quieter, more porcelain-centric surroundings, it leaves you with a small but "1980's radical" offering from its inventory. A pink Straitline bash guard! These bash guards come to us sealed up tighter than Fort Knox! So after some debate with our Straitline purchaser, the thumbs up was made and the bash guard had its soul captured for both catalog and the Hawley Hall of Product Remembrance. Have a good weekend... suckas!

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