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Monday, December 15, 2008

To BMC, Or Not to BMC? That is the question!

Well, that was the question for young master Troy. After a surprisingly short amount of deliberation (which is a post in itself as Troy's indecision is legendary), Troy shrugged his shoulders, opened his wallet and is now stuck with a full suspension BMC frame until the cold touch of death whisks him away to the netherworld. And how shall that come to pass? Perhaps descending Farlow Gap with too liberal an amount of unfounded confidence on his new ride? P'shaw gentle reader! Troy's BMC, who he has christened "Captain Pancake Jumping Jack Roosevelt" is immortal and when astride it, Troy shall be immortal. Then we all get our heads chopped off like those dudes in "The Highlander".

Troy gives us a pose! Good effort Pastor! Notice Josh in the background, Mister "I could care less about this frame. OK, maybe just a peek. Tarnation, that's a beaut of frame! I shall inquire at my local framekeep in the village! OK, now back to reading Gizmodo"
Britney shows Troy how it's done. That's quite a jaunty scarf! What a little ragamuffin! Meanwhile, Kyle relives a most unpleasant Christmas memory...


Spankye said...

tony is looking a little pudgy. that's what marriage will do to you.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

He's gettin' larger in waste and taste

azanca02 said...


Spiritof76 said...

Kudos to whomever used the words "Jaunty" and "Ragamuffin" in this blog. The world would be a much happier place if these forgotton gems of english lit. were in regular use. I cant think of a word to describe how great it is so I will make one up "spectralescent!"