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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Why Do You Despise Pomeranians, Jose?"

First of all, the picture below was gleaned from Cuteoverload.com. Second of all, it's from Japan. Third of all, the Blog can't stop looking at it. Nothing was photoshopped, enhanced, or altered (photographically or genetically). That dog is real as is its kimono. Mind-boggling. Simply mind-boggling.
Second, the Blog got a picture of Jose from "40 pounds ago" (according to Jose, HIS words, not the blog's). So the question is: What kind of bike is Jose riding on his way to yet another solo 24 hour race victory? You're not allowed to answer JT...


Billy said...

a Ti Titus!!!!!

Papa Wheelie said...

a mountain bike

spokejunky said...

An EZIP Mountain Trailz. For that assist when you need it.

Spiritof76 said...

I hate Pomeranians too. They are the antithesis of all things Pug.