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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Maximum Shreditude!

Today's installment of "Maximum Shreditude!" comes to us from Eric and Kelly's Bent Creek shred fest. Totally awesome! Radical to the extremities of radicalness! Eric (Cane Creek sad sack) sent these pics with a brief note attached: "Yo sucka! Check out these extreme shots of me and my old lady seriously shreddin' Bent Creek. Kelly shredded the shred out of a log ride as I got my shred on, basically shredding this dope little piece of shred shred shred, shred? Shred! By the way, could you turn these four pictures into a shreddin' movie with Prodigy playing in the background? Thanks bro! I owe you an organic lunch at an overpriced Asheville restaurant!
Shreddingly Awesome,
Eric and Kel-shred"

Kelly starts her assault on a Bent Creek log. Notice how she gets that front wheel up!
Halfway there Kel, don't give up now!
Well, only a couple more feet, but I guess we'll never know if you made it. The office is 50/50. Sorry, that's life... when you're freakin' shreddin!!!
Eric catches mad air... or is it photoshop magic? Take two shreddin's and see me in the mornin'!!!!


dwight yoakam said...

shred the gnar.

and that photo of spank is pretty sweet. but don't tell him i said so . . . it'll go to his head.

Spankye said...

uhh, i read this blog too man. you beat me to the shred the gnar thing. dang.

Palmetto Solo said...

wicked sweet shredin