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Monday, December 29, 2008

You Can't Have Snuggle Bear Without Biscuits and Balrogs

Saints be praised! the Blog has survived another tumultuous Christmas season with all limbs attached. The Blog hopes you (and by you, I mean the insufferable wretches who crawl out of your hovels to crank up your 1994 Compaq laptops and over a ice cold mug of 3 day old coffee made from runoff water and a used dryer sheet for a makeshift coffee filter, trawl through your morning blogs searching for a glimmer of hope, a reason to live!) had a holly-jolly Christmas with plenty of presents, food and fun! :) Unfortunately for some of us, Santa wasn't up to par. 6 plus pounds gives Andy the frowns. Teenwolf couldn't be happier!

In exciting product news, we finally got some of those jazzy Inertia saddle bags, in even jazzier yet user friendly colors. As usual, the pink called out to the Blog, its siren song floating through the vertiginous walls of the warehouse singing, "Over here Ole Bloggy! Over here! Come see how, uh, Inertia-like I look!" It only took one fleeting glance and a cursory sniff and the Blog realized it must have one. Sorry Pedro's Micro Blowout bag, it seems your time has come! I shall miss thee...

Take 1 part Snuggle Bear, 1 part Balrog and a whole lot of Bojangles biscuits and you get the attitude behind the new pink Inertia saddle bag. Sensitive, but strong enough to enslave your soul, yet girded with the down home freshness and country appeal of a bacon egg and cheese gut-stomper (from the local vernacular). Got a tube? Got a CO2? Got a set of car keys? Good for you! Now put 'em in this bag!

(left to right:Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit, Balrog, Snuggle)

Oh yeah, just in case pink isn't your "thing", we've got 'em in bright, Communist/Cincinnati Red as well!
"Git you some! TEE HEE!"


Big Bikes said...

The Egg & Cheese, Balrog, Snuggle bear graphic made for one of the best
Desktop background images International Bike has ever had on it's service computer.

And we love us some crazy desktop images so that's sayin' a lot.


Spiritof76 said...

Hawley sells entirely too many bike items that are PINK..I would love to see more glow in the dark and black light responsive items..

Let it be known that the Balrog likely rides blacklight responsive and fire retardent bicycle probably made by the hands of little elves in Gorgoroth