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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodridge Disc Brake Pad Quiz!

Let's take a trip, a trip back in time to a stuffy high school classroom where the Blog, manacled to a desk stares at a multiple choice test, sweat on the brow, Snuggle bear on the mind and nary a chance of success, praying to the SAT gods for a quick and painless death. Now fast-forward to 2008, handcuff yourself to a desk, get sweaty, think of Snuggle and match the disc brake pad to the common household item that best encapsulates the religious beliefs of the world leader the item most closely resembles in native speech pattern: A) Avid Code, Can of Hominy Beans [super-nasty] B) Shimano Deore Hydr., Taco C) Formula 2 Piston B4, Poison D) Hope 6P Mono, Actual Poison [drink in case of C], E) Avid BB5, Taco Cat... struttin'!
Answers: 1)=A, 2)=D, 3)=C, 4)=B, 5)=E
Answers: A=Taro Aso (Japan PM), B=Angela Merkel (Germany PM), C=Denis Sassou Nguesso (Republic of the Congo President), D=Jim Morrison (Cane Creek Pretty Boy and Dead Rocker), E=Taco Cat (King of Taco Cat Land)


spokejunky said...

I think it's time for an intervention. No more Snuggle bear and peyote for you.

Adam said...

Is it peyote, or is it shredded used dryer sheets...?

I must research further in the name of Science.

azanca02 said...

I think he smokes the peyote and then blows it into a bottle with dryer sheets in it to cover the smell. But in reality it causes a more soft and comfortable high.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

So all this nonsense means you flunked the brake pads quiz? For shame!

azanca02 said...

The only shame is Kyle's face!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

OK, that made ZERO sense

azanca02 said...

But doesn't it Jerry? Doesn't it?

Spiritof76 said...

Chris Would Like To Inform Colin That