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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Avatar Ticket Stub; Josh Eye View: More NAHBS Randomosity

Posted by The Blog on Craigslist today:

Wanted: One "Avatar" ticket stub so my constant rants against "Avatar" will have some merit and I won't feel like such a poser. "Yeah, I saw that clunker and here's my ticket stub to prove it! I liked this movie the first time around when it was called freaking 'Splash'! And by the way, they borrowed that 3-D technology from Friday the 13th Part 3!" Will pay top dollar. Interesting trades considered? I own a mint condition 1978 Ford Clubwagon Van. Other than a missing engine, transmission and front windshield it is in "good" working order. Minor issues include: blood-soaked shag carpeting, fingernail gouges on the wood paneling, a human skeleton handcuffed to the steering wheel and a civil war-era Phantasm named The Colonel who refuses to get out of the passenger side captain's seat until his "demand for satisfaction" is fulfilled. Email for details @ skunkdoobiest@gmail.com" And now, more useless ephemera from NAHBS!

(Psst, it's a ss 29er just in case you're blind or illiterate. Well, if you're blind then you're probably not reading this post. Braille editions of "The Hawley Blog" are available through our inside sales office. Ask for Troy, Colin or Teenwolf)

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Spiritof76 said...

Nice to see there are still some fabricators pushing and advancing the artform. I saw some frames and ideas that hint at cycling futurism that actually really look and seem like cycling futurism.Not so many high priced gimmicks and obnoxiously loud special effects.