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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Post Sees A Post: Palindrome Fail

Trivial office bets for assorted candy bars are the spice of life. They are what make those of a certain "animal" nature in the cycling industry just a little more "human"...

By the way, the post header image is a small sampling of a little parts line those in the know call Eleven81, THE only component ridden by THE original Mountain Khakis race team and THE only brand with the Troy Whelan "super-casual wall pose" seal of approval. But anyhoo, as we saw in yesterday's post, Josh's VINER road frame with matching Campy rear and fork dropouts (!) is ready for painting:

It's been sandblasted and primed by trained professionals. We were chatting yesterday about potential color schemes and Josh said all the componetry will be silver. THEN he pulls out a little bit of Italian trinketry known as a Campagnolo titanium Chorus seat post. The Blog knew the frame to be of a certain age and new the post to be of a certain size (27.2). "No way that thing fits" thought The Blog to itself. Then betraying its internal monologue, The Blog blurts out to Josh, "I shall wager a shiny new Snickers bar that your precious titanium post will be far too large to fit in the seat tube!" After his usual hemming and hawing, Josh took the bait and agreed to the wager. "This grift shall line my coffers with deliciousness at this dunderhead's expense"

The seat post in question:The seat tube in question:
The proof is in the photographic pudding: Well, we settled our wager this morning and sadly, it turns out Josh's Campy post does in fact fit his Viner frame and The Blog has been crowned with the Dunder laurel. Egads! It's too early in the week to lose a bet of this weight and import! Enjoy your Snickers while you can Josh, IT SHALL BE YOUR LAST!!!

1 comment:

Spankye said...

that fork has seen better days.