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Monday, March 29, 2010

Joshie's Single Speed Frame Needs Paint

Just a quick survey today. What color should Josh's single speed frame be? I suggested orange with blue lug accents, maybe paint the stars white? Josh raised an eyebrow at that one. Anybody got some ideas? And yes, this is the same frame The Blog found thrown away on the side of the road in Shandon (a Columbia neighborhood for those of you not from around here). It's been primed and needs paint desperately so Josh can ride it to work... everyday... for the rest of the year.


Magnum said...

That's a sweet frame... go primer black.

Spankye said...

Viner, great junk score.

Kona Lingus said...


brado1 said...

Butterscotch orange with a bassboat flake!

WV: coeve

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

I like it Brado!!!

dwight yoakam said...

rootbeer with gold flake clear, turquoise lugs!