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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Commuter Bike Of The Week...

Will finally got his Spooky cross bike built up and rode the arduous 18 miles into work so by default, we shall award him with commuter bike of the week.

The world's most dominated Third Eye Chain Watcher (CHAN8005). If ain't broke, don't replace itHUDZ cable donuts (CABL90303), which according to Will (Hudz purchaser so his opinion is not without its share of bias) are the only cable donuts that never move. (Interesting head "badge" and some creative cable routing solutions)In addition to the complimentary hand soaps, nerve tonics, comfrey salve root lotions and erotic bath oils, Will gets the option of trading out his workhorse Cane Creek canti brakes (BKST1840) for some newly arrived, warehouse-fresh TRP canti brakes.

Just because cross season is long gone doesn't mean the well-meaning cross fop or mud dandy can't sport the latest in stylish bicycle de-acceleratrixes. Run the Eurox Aluminum for sporty jaunts around the neighborhood cross course or for simply relaxing around the house with your friends, like one of those Dockers commercials, minus the slow motion frivolity and the black and white footage. The Eurox Carbon brightens up any living room, den or rumpus room with a homely touch that appeals to sensible home decor aesthetics while avoiding an "old-fashioned" look that harkens back to "Petticoat Junction" mixed with "Dances With Wolves" . Weighing in at a scant 109 grams a set, these are the contemporary interior accessory you've been pining for. If it's sleek urban-funk stylings you're interested in with a nod to Wes Anderson costume design and Henry Darger flights of fancy, add the Eurox Magnesium to your holiday wish list (your choice of holiday ). Weighing in at 103 grams, these brake sets are what all the cool kids are running. Cool kids like Niels Albert, Geoff Kabush, Jonathan Page, Amy Dombroski, Katie Compton, Tim Johnson, Sven Nys and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. Sure, they don't dress like they just walked out of "Darjeeling Limited" but THESE brakes will make them FEEL like they just stepped out of "Darjeeling Limited". As far as stopping power for all three of these brakes, your guess is as good as mine. No idea. Nada, none.

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