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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Blog Got Some Corporate Sponsorship... FINALLY!

But first, for something completely weird, try following Cadel Evans on Twitter. It's like if Charles Manson was tweeting from lockdown! For something even weirder, try following Cadel's girlfriend's posts on his blog. Creep factor seven and rising. I'm surprised they're not dancing naked by the light of a sacrificial bonfire in their human skin masks every night! By the way Cadel, love the pensive B-Boy pose on the front page of your Blog. It shows you're deep, layered, provocative, complex! And now, the last day of Joshie's adventure through the NAHBS looking glass! By the way, don't forget to check out the new Tim Burton blockbuster, "Alice In Wonderland", opening nationwide this week at your local AMC movie theater! And while you're there, don't forget to "Open Happiness" with an ice-cold refreshing Coca Cola! Things go better with Coke! Feeling a little hungry after "Alice In Wonderland"? Satisfy your appetite with a steaming plate of Lowrey's Microwaveable Bacon Curl Pork Rinds! When it's time for more flavor, more sodium diacetate and more hog anus it's time for Lowrey's!


Spankye said...

if i see another bamboo bike i swear i'm gonna slit my throat.

Chris said...

Do you think Cadel's massive chin hole and his girlfriend's minor one will equal the biggest chin butt ever when they have kids?