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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome To The Terrariumdome!

For your consideration: A Japanese woman pulling a one handed wheelie on what appears to be a mixte-looking frame with riser bars, upon which sits some sort of novelty bag topped with a churlish looking Care Bear. In a word, this is a "fresh" set-up. Sure, the weird smile-stare she's throwing to the camera is a bit disconcerting, but she has earned bonus style points for the Lite-Brite leggings and yellow crank arms. Visit our good friends at Pedal Consumption for more hijinks and gear reviews...

Also for your consideration, the newly redesigned Challenge latex Corsa tubes (TUBE7043). These things feel AND smell like your lower intestines but according to Claudio at Challenge, they have been specifically engineered to make your non-tubular tire feel, ride and smell like a tubular. They're seamless with a removable Presta valve core. Did I mention they smell absolutely delightful? Best thing about these tubes is the packaging. With zero modifications, you have a ready-to-rock terrarium for entertainment and also for the production of life-nourishing oxygen. Does the movie "Bio Dome" look familiar, Claudio?!?!? I like to spice my terrariums up with a pinch of sage and a miniature cat, but feel free to accessorize your Challenge terrarium with whatever bobbles and trinkets your heart desires!

The Terrariumdome...

Finished product complete with local fauna, potting soil and KITTY! Meow meow meow!


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