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Monday, March 22, 2010

Boone-Roubaix Heads Up

One more quick note of interest, the Boone-Roubaix "race" is fast approaching (April 3. 2010). Lots of gnarly dirt roads with plenty of Roubaix-styled climbing. The hardest of the hard, the feralest of the feral show up for this sufferfest. Will you be among those who toe the line or will you stay home to watch The Final Four, like The Blog? Kinda wish they made ALL categories do the full 69 miles and not just the Pro-1-2. Meh. Hopefully those with newly purchased cross and road bikes will consider this Spring "gut check". Proceeds go to the beyond-altruistic Wine to Water charity. That is all.(shot from a course recon from the Boone-Roubaix site)


Northstar Bikes said...

The course is indeed spectacular! Racing on it should be a pure sufferfest, even for the lowly cat's such as myself. 69 miles there would be absolute punishment...(but fun!)

dicky said...

License required??