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Monday, March 15, 2010

I Feel Like Bein' An Essex Machine!

For your viewing pleasure, the pride of Inside Sales and unrepentant Incubus superfan, Troy Whelan models the new Fox Essex short. Long story "short", Josh made Troy try on the shorts and then took photos of him after everybody left work. Is that weird because The Blog doesn't think so. From Josh's email: "Look, I don't see why everybody is freaking out. What's wrong with two, young, athletic guys hanging out after work, trying on shorts in front of each other and then taking pictures. I mean sure, there was some tickling but this is the bicycle industry. These things happen. Tickling happens! It's really not a big deal! So to summarize: there was some short modeling, some photography, some tickling followed by more tickling but let me repeat; Nobody was groped!"

Confident, decisive, unflappable; an immovable mountain of masculinity that doesn't ask, but TAKES.........the Fox Essex short

Mysterious, docile, curious; innocent abounds this Spring for Troy and his new Fox Essex shorts (CLTH26564 for those of you following along in the catalog)!
Sassy, brazen, capricious, inflammatory, quixotic, in-your-face, minty-fresh with a touch of pee pee; Troy and his ESSEX short wants you to know he's a tickler, not a fighter.
(late edit. comment removed because of its implications that Josh, who took this photo and is a happily married man was in some way doing something terrible and unspeakable, unbeknownst to poor, innocent, sassy Troy!)
You couldn't tell but the black Essex has a fine pinstripe, lending it a certain Great Gatsby quality.
The gunmetal (CLTH26551) is more of a metallic color, like you'd see on the barrel of a gun, minus the pinstriping.


joshie said...

people of the same gender have tickle fights all the time. riiiiight?!

dwight yoakam said...

quixotic - one of my favorites

Magnum said...

do they make those shoes in a men's model?

girlfacedana said...

haha clever title fo sho