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Thursday, March 11, 2010

More About Julie's Bout With The Knog Big Dog

Early contender for "feeblest thumbs up" of 2010....Picking up from yesterday's post, where were we? Ah yes, swarms of Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Foxes first began devouring entire nursery schools full of children on the island of Sarangani during the great monocle craze of the early twentieth century. These massacres continued until several Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Foxes found themselves winning local elections, consequently wearing more monocles and top hats and thus forcing them to curtail their child eating ways until- Hold on, we were talking about Julie's bag fiasco! Yes, yes. Of course! So to continue, Julie had been coveting an orange Knog Big Dog messenger bag (BAGS1551) for approximately 5.5 months. Because Knog is in Australia, shipping was delayed because of customs and various Road Warrior skirmishes. At her wits end and with a little prodding from Joshie, Julie ordered a lovely red bag from our friends at Crumpler. On the very same day Julie's Crumpler arrived, we finally received our first shipment of Knog Big Dogs. Because of shipping "things" beyond our control or understanding, the orange Big Dogs will not be available and yes, Julie was aware of this. However, on top of the giant pile of grey Big Dog bags was a single, solitary ORANGE Big Dog. The Blog informed Julie but she sensed a bit of leg-pulling. Finally, Joshie led her to the receiving department and she stormed back in a bag-induced rage. Good times! Sadly, the orange bag was already spoken for (Brian, Knog purchaser had first dibs) but luckily Julie realized the Big Dog had too much cargo space in addition to the plethora of pockets and the reversible left/right shoulder strap. (End Scene)

Julie's Knog substitute sits at a rakish angle on her chair in all its reddish glory....
The Orange Big Dog that never was but was, but should never have been...
Let's keep the packaging a "Hard G" rating, OK you nitwits?!?!?

Here's the Big Dog we have in stock as of this post but there are several other colors on the waaaay....
Interior zipper pocket on the backside of the bag to keep your personal papers warm and moist
Mega-heavy-duty shoulder strap buckle is actually bullet proof
Shoulder strap interface that is also bulletproof
Interior pockets galore and heavy duty interior with lots of padding and candy treats
Bike Polo fop on the inside flap...

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