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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Reminder Of Colin's Impending Visit To The ER; Cruiser Weather Update

A Feynman diagram of one way the Higgs boson (hypothetical massive scalar particle that may or may not be dating Heidi Montag) may be produced at the Large Hadron Collider. Here, two gluons decay into top/anti-top pair which then combine to make a neutral Higgs. Cue the Barry White:
Just to remind everybody, Colin has a date with destiny and quite possibly some sort of Castaneda-esque vision quest mixed with the event horizon of a black hole this Friday as he attempts to drink a 32 ounce of Monster energy slurry in under a minute... 5 minutes... 10 minutes? The Blog can't remember the original time agreed upon but we've seen Colin training all week with daily trips to local Mexican eatery la Fogata and local "chicken" eatery Zaxby's. His focus is razor sharp and his internal organs are battle tested. The Large Hadron super collider got cranked up again this week and as these words are typed, it's whipping protons to more than 99 percent the speed of light while producing 3.5 trillion electron volts per proton, very similar to what the 32 ounce of Monster energy drink shall be doing to Colin's gastrointestinal system. We have the technology, now we must embrace it!Colin, Post-Monster transfusion:For all of our friends in Northern states, a quick update on this week's weather. Sunny. Warm. Downright pleasant. Booyah! In your face (finally). Time for cruiser bikes to the grocery store...

Lunchtime cruiser team sponsored by our friends at Sta Tru wheels, with over 6 billion different cruiser wheel combinations to chose from (this is not a guarantee).


brado1 said...

nice schwinn typhoon!

wv; fitsoly

Mister Fahrenheit said...

Did they put in a sidewalk all the way up to the Pig? whoa.

dwight yoakam said...

robot, i was wondering the same thing! ???

joshie said...

sidewalk goes to the pig, but it doesn't make it all the way back to Hawley. There is a paved shoulder though.