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Monday, March 01, 2010

Hawley Goons Invade NAHBS Like The Rampaging Visigoths They Are

The Blog finds itself agreeing with Dicky to a certain extent about the overwhelming craftsmanship on display at NAHBS almost being so overwhelming that it becomes underwhelming. Perhaps a case of, "Yeah, but will I enjoy riding this work of art?!" Needless to say, a certain Hawley neer-do-well was able to get into the show and snapped a few pics of bicycles that aroused his interest in the basest and most urge-satisfying ways possible. These urges seemed to center around cruiser, "leisure" bikes and all things head badge-esque. But before we take up some blog space with pics, let's meet our friend John.

John showed up last week in the cab of Johnny's truck. Johnny was hauling a container full of Topeak. Johnny got out to stretch his gams and was accompanied by his devoted companion and navigator. As you can see, John has lost the use of his legs after being run over by a car. His spine was snapped but after a phone call here and there, Johnny arranged for a bit of "help" from a fabricator in Maryland. Johnny added the jumbo offroad RC tires to help with John's backyard adventures.

Apparently he still likes to chase after the wildlife at his home in the lowcountry, like former purchasing hefe Dave Carson. It was good to meet this pair of wonderful folk and everybody at Hawley wishes them well in their "Highballin" inspired adventures ("You gonna shake the trees and I'm gonna rake the leaves!') Oh but where was The Blog in this long winded blog post? That's right, ran-dumb and miscellaneous pictures from the NAHBS! Check out some of the hot, heavy, hedonistic, highbrowed, handmade action that didn't receive any coverage from our friends at Dirt Rag, whose coverage was excellent!

I thought the "No Riff Raff" sign was being strictly enforced?!Joshie was drawn to these water bottle cage bosses. Lebowski bowling alley vibe?As an Arsenal fan, The Blog finds this head badge repulsive, but the rest of the bike looks pretty good!Joshie inquired if this lovely coffee/tea cup was for sale. He was quoted 600 dollars, but there would be a 5 year wait. It IS a Vanilla, right?


brado1 said...

my pants just grew a little

love bike porn!

wv: laterses

Snacks said...

Unrelated, but did you know there's a RiffTrax (from the MST3K guys) for Predator? There's also an excellent Predator reference in the Twilight one. Check it out: http://www.rifftrax.com/

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Thanks for the alert Snack. We shall acquaint ourselves

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Thanks for the alert Snack. We shall acquaint ourselves

Miss Jumper said...


Spiritof76 said...

Patents pending... When are some of these deliciously pending patents going to find their way into the annals of the Hawley Co?