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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Colin Tice: Nutritional Role Model

Inside Sales hobgoblin Colin Tice cannot drink coffee because of a medical condition he refuses to tell us about. This morning, Colin showed off his coffee substitute in all it's scuba tank-sized glory. It's called Monster energy drink and Colin loves it. Must be some sort of new thing with the kids. Has anybody else heard of its existence? Apparently, Monster sponsors all sorts of bicycle riders; bmx, downhill and monster truck (what, no 29er riders?!). In addition to that, they like to do "extreme" things like make cans with the Cloverfield monster claw scratch on it in addition to putting 10,000mg of "energy mix" into 32 ounce cans. The "energy mix" consists of the following: Carnitine, Glucose, Caffeine, Guarana, Inositol, Glucuronolactone and the always savory Maltodextrin. Colin announced this morning, in front of the graphics office and Pastor Troy that he intends to chug a Monster (in its entirety) next Friday. Next Friday blog world! NEXT FRIDAY!!!!

The depth charge of death dwarfs Colin's 98 ounce Nalgene:
A 58 ounce can of Coke for comparison. Also hiding behind the Monster is another monster, the brand new 35mm Straitline SSC downhill stem (ST7710) in all its pink glory!

1 comment:

Big Bikes said...

I'm a 29er rider, and I tried to get Monster to sponsor me, but their team of in-house-hazmat-suit and-gas-mask-wearing-physicians told me that I didn't pass the physical. I was frickin' crushed dude.

Can't wait for Friday, I bet his puke is going to neon green like something out Repo Man.