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Monday, March 08, 2010

Skuut, Shoebush and Spooky: Live At The Acropolis

"Boy, you lookin' goooooood!!!"Great Odin's Raven! Monday has swept down upon us like an ancient Egyptian locust swarm (or Smoke Monster) and it seems like the Blog has been caught with its pants down, metaphorically and literally speaking. No huge mountain bike rides this weekend to chat about. No coworkers' tales of weekend adventure and intrigue. No party sub eating contest video footage. But never fear, Geoffrey McDowell (pronounced Joff-freeeee, like a certain Chuck Noblet addressing a certain Geoffrey Jellineck) brought his son Caleb in last week. Caleb was in good spirits. He had consumed a healthy breakfast. He was wearing Belgian Cyclocross galoshes. His mind was clear and focused. Most importantly, he was astride his new Skuut!!!! What is a Skuut? It's basically a tiny wooden bicycle minus the pedals. It's for wee ones (ages 2-5) and is the best way for a kid to learn how to balance while getting used to a standard bicycle cockpit. The Skuut is deadly silent and Caleb used this to his advantage, skuuting around the office like a shark, circling the unsuspecting purchasing staff, knee-deep in Shimano P.O.s, unaware of the knee-high danger!
"These are my demands father! You would be advised to acquiesce with due expediency... or I shall have your head mounted above my mantel!!!"

Knee-high danger lurks in the strangest places. For example, while riding to the local suspender cobbler, The Blog saw this menacing looking bush. Next to it, smartly arranged, were a pair of ragged black dress shoes. Danger, plain and simple. "Why is this happening? Who would use a pair of shoes in this reckless fashion?!"

And yes, The Blog visited the monocle cobbler astride Ole Blue with his new Lavender Oury grips... just in time for Spring!

Also in time for Spring, but too late for cross season is Will's new Spooky frame. That's right, our little wunderkid ponied up and got the Supertouch. Jeepers creepers, that green is intoxicating in its awesome-ness! Will said it's aluminum, 2.9 pounds and full of extra-beefy welds. Spooky is in MA but apparently this thing was welded together in Portland. Spooky included a full set of decals and some designer apparel. Dare I say, club wear?!?!? I shall! Not sure what to think about there website design though. If Henry Darger had done East German Propaganda posters, it would've looked like the Spooky site, which is totally freaking awesome!!!

Cute lil' Spooky mascot! He had a kidney removed! Voluntarily? Don't ever go to Bangkok or you'll find out!


Emily said...

But have you seen the purple anodized Spooky cross frame? Ohhh damn. That company's doing everything right.

dwight yoakam said...

bangkok bound on saturday . . . hoping to still have all of my organs upon return