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Friday, March 05, 2010

Double Mint Twins Destroy Rival Crankset, Gods Are Appeased

(K-Vin's new bike lurks in the background)
The Soma Smoothie mentioned in yesterday's post was being worked on at lunch today. The Blog strolled over to "Ping Pong Alley" to check his "flypaper" and see "what was sticking" when he espied the two inseparable chums Brad and Kevin installing a Rival crankset. The Blog told them to freeze, grabbed the camera and shot some pictures for posterity's sake (and Sram's warranty department, hoo ah!). The bike is coming along slowly but surely and hopefully Brad will be terrorizing the local greenways in the next few days, maybe even on a BIKE, HIS bike!

(A fabled EIS stem waits patiently, plotting, scheming against its future rider)No handlebar tape yet. Any suggestions? Since Kevin's new bike is also white with red handlebar tape, The Blog felt it would be unseemly for Brad to bogart Kevin's urban-funk style and use red as well. Possible colors on the table: HDTP0960, Eleven81 Black and Pink. It's got perforations for proper hand perspiration relief. Possibly poisonous, may benefit post-time travel discomfort and nausea.HDTP3000, Bike Ribbon's "Shiny" Gold Tape. It's coated with a thin layer of PVC for enhanced shininess and decreased hand perspiration relief. Also can be used for homemade C3P-0 Halloween costumes and C3P-0 death shrouds. Now available in "vegan" as well.HDTP0934, Singleworks Green Cork. This tape has EVA foam with an insoucient hint of cork. Add this handlebar tape to any stew and spice up your bland dinner party or little league soccer banquet. Now contains 30 percent less Leprechaun pulp.

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