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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pain Face Tuesday

The Hawley Company's good friend Rachael Kefalos at PCC forwarded a Bike Summit re-cap to The Blog yesterday with the note "Yo, peep dis!" Ah yes, the rap vernacular shall be heeded and will indeed be "peeped" to the local readers. Lots of good news about complete street plans and the ACT Act! What's the ACT Act you ask? Here's the text of the bill for your perusal. It's fairly short so please read it and pay attention to its salient points. Basically, it's a 2 billion dollar windfall for trails and cycling paths/lanes: BOOYAH! Rails to Trails has a few extra tidbits relating to this important bill in addition to an online "letter of support" you can sign: DOUBLE BOOYAH! Also, keepin' it on the funky fresh advocacy tip, don't forgot to head over to Peopleforbikes.org, sign the pledge, tell your friends and help make cycling "safer" for everybody on two wheels, minus this guy.

On a random note, Northen Florida Sales Rep Andtron 5000 demanded pictures of his freshly built Storck Aero be posted on the blog. "No" was not an option. He was extremely pumped about his matching Fizik saddle, tape and hood combination. Kudos, it's barftastic Andy! Look for this abomination atop Andy's Subaru at a bike shop near you...

Speaking of Barftastic, some of you may remember The Blog's fruitless quest last year for a KFC Double Down. Well, it turns out the Double Down was nothing but a gimmick to reinvigorate interest in the KFC brand. They had no intention of releasing the Double Down to the (unsuspecting) general public. The "test marketing" was nothing but a ruse. A bit of gastrointestinal slight of hand! Now that I have officially disowned the Colonel and shredded my "Hip Hop Colonel" commemorative stationary, I have since discovered a very real, very disturbing new "foodstuff" being foisted upon us by the good people at McDonalds. In a nutshell, the Mac Snack Wrap is a Big Mac in a tortilla and that's about it. I guess when you put something in a "wrap", it instantly sounds "healthier" and "fresher". Sarin Gas? Never! Sarin Gas WRAP? Keep talkin'! Anyway, this thing exists, it's here in the dirty south and there is a McDonalds within break dancing distance of Hawley. Results and corresponding data to follow. Prepare my sarcophagus and alert my local shaman.



Toby Porter said...

McD's is pumpin out some weak sauce with that. Looks like something Mimi dragged in! Thanks for the BooYah!

Anonymous S. Florida sales rep said...

How grotesque! Both the Big Mac wrap and Andy's Storck. If they would only do a McRib wrap or a McRib egg and cheese biscut!!

Spankye said...

McRib wrap...now you're talkin'.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Do they even make the McRib anymore? I'm seriously getting one of these Mac Wraps.

wv: dylosem

Magnum said...

That Mac wrap looks like it'll wreck ya for about a week and a half... same for that Storck

brado1 said...

looks like two turds in a tortilla special sauce, pickle, lettuce, cheese

wv: guens