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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just a quick heads up...

Rachael from PCC sent this yesterday and because of a bout of the vapors, The Blog forgot to post it, but just in case some of you are in the "Santee" area of Southern Carolina this evening (south of Columbia but north of Charleston), might we recommend you do the following:
1) Drive to Lone Star BBQ and arrive there around 6 PM.
2) Pay 20 dollars for a dinner that features an insane assortment of low country goodness in addition to a seat at the showing of the George Hincapie documentary: "Crumb". Oh wait, I think it's called "A Ride With George Hincapie". Not sure what it's called as the E-Vite says "Ride Of A Lifetime". Could there be two different George Hincapie documentaries? Zounds. S'blood!
3) Feel good about yourself as a part of the proceeds goes towards the Palmetto Cycling Coalitions coffers! Hooray!

In keeping with the theme of announcements, The Blog just noticed the local Harbison spring mountain bike race has popped up on the Maxxis Southern Classic Series calendar. Will the trails be rideable by then? Last The Blog heard, it was like a swamp out there but hopefully with this run of dry, sunny weather, the bogs have started to drain... but where will the Yodas go? The good folk at Cycle Center are running the proceedings again so check out their website if you need more details. Don't ask The Blog. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Oh great. another race "organized" by Rebecca. I hope I get to win a free tire (singular) this year.

Emily said...

The Yodas have already flown south for the winter and Harbison's kinda drying out.

I can pretty much guarantee that I will be busy whichever weekend that race is gonna be on.